Why should you Fly Gym?

Fly 'Gime'? What's a Fly 'Gime'? Oh A FLY 'GIME'!

You've heard about the classes, you have SEEN the classes in the studio but never thought about actually trying Fly Gym! Well after reading the top benefits of Fly Gym you will be booking yourself into the next scheduled class.

There is an endless amount of fitness possibilities using Fly Gym, the apparatus is a combination of aerial yoga, Pilates, suspended resistance training and aerial silks - an all in one for an amazing suspended fitness experience. Similar to anti-gravity yoga, Fly Gym will not only benefit your fitness but also your health too. Christopher Harrison, inventor of antigravity yoga says, "It involves performing a series of exercises inspired by yoga, Pilates, calisthenics and aerial acrobatics in a hammock-like apparatus, in order to achieve a total-body workout".  Instead of using all your bodies effort to achieve better posture and alignment through the joints and spine, you will find that you will be relaxing more into deeper stretches and poses with the help of the Fly Gym.

The people at Fly Gym have said, "Physical therapists and trainers have told us that they are discovering that Fly Gym Aerial Fitness could be one fo the most effective tools they have ever used.  The ability to suspend the body provides a unique advantage in rehabilitation creating one of the most beneficial ways of using gravity to accelerate healing better than traditional "table" approaches."

There are a huge number of benefits that Fly Gym can do for your fitness, see below our Top 5:
1. An Overall Body Workout:
the series of movement & poses you will perform in class will force your whole body to move and stretch without you even thinking. Through this movement, you will tone and redefine your muscles, as well as regenerate and strengthen them, as well as your joints. Fly Gym is widely used in physical rehab clinics where decompression of the spine is one of the main features. Fly Gym is one on the most important casual classes you will attend. Our bodies perform high impact tricks and combos in our courses; by attending Fly Gym once a week your body will therefore recover efficiently before your next class.
2. Develop New Body Skills: you will learn a variety of new stretches, movements and poses on our Fly Gyms that will not only work your muscles but thoroughly stretch them out as well. Once you get the hang of moving in a Fly Gym why not ask your Desk Divas to pop one up for you during Practice Time?!
3. Deepen Your Stretches: the suspended resistant stretches you will perform in our Fly Gyms will help increase your flexibility in areas that need some extra help. Whether you want an extra push in your shoulder stretches, your hip flexors or your back, the Fly Gym will allow you to relax deeper into poses that will increase the flexibility in those muscles. Our Fly Gyms also allow you to work on your over split, no matter how flexible you are, the Fly Gym will definitely challenge you to stretch even further.
4. Inner Body Reactivation: there is no doubt that during your Fly Gym class you will work up a 'polite' (polite - discretely :p) sweat. The sweat you produce will help regulate your internal body's functionality. The circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems are reactivated through bloody circulation. From this, you will relax your mind, boost your mental abilities and nourish your skin. Your neural connections are also strengthened which is related to memory and intelligence. Fly Gym clears the mind, relieves stress which then rebuilds your overall emotional system.
5. Increase Strength: although we already become beasts in our pole & aerial courses, Fly Gym can also strengthen our muscles further without you even knowing. You will work your core and your biceps with assisted lifts & tumbles, as well as improve your stamina and endurance.

For more information about Fly Gym please speak with your friendly Desk Divas. See below when your next Fly Gym class is schedule at your local Pole & Aerial Divas studio for Term 2:

$25 for all current studios and $30 for non-students

~ PRAHRAN - Thursdays at 8:30pm with Veronica
~ MOONEE PONDS - Tuesdays at 7:30pm, Fridays at 12pm both with Lorien
~ RICHMOND - Tuesdays at 11:30am with Tarah, 6:30pm with Hanne, Saturdays at 11am with Hanne and Sundays at 12pm with Caroline
~ CAROLINE SPRINGS - Tuesdays at 8:30pm with Kristy and Fridays at 7:30pm with Kristy
~ MORNINGTON - coming soon!