Unleashed 2018

Unleash your inhibitions at our annual student competition! This is your chance to show off your skills, challenge yourself, have some fun and experience the thrill of performing in front of a supportive crowd of your friends, family and fellow Pole Divas. Unleashed has been the breeding ground for so many well known Australian, pole dancing champions including Miss Filly, Lou Landers, Kristy Sellers, Mischka, Veronica Waite, Dani Blyszak, Fontaine and many more!

There are competition categories to suit everyone, all with amazing prizes and pink sashes to win! This is an amateur studio competition, open to current Pole Divas students only. If after reading through all this information you have more questions, lots of support, encouragement and answers can be found at your local Pole Divas studio reception otherwise email comps@poledivas.com.au.

WHEN/WHERE: Sunday 10th June, 2018 @ The Clocktower Centre, Moonee Ponds
OPEN TO: Pole Divas enrolled students only
CATEGORIES: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, Elite and Doubles
JUDGING: On a combination of your dance and pole skills, with a strong focus on your dance performance and "x-factor"
ENTRY: OPEN Tuesday 1st May and CLOSE Thursday 10th May at MIDDAY

BEGINNERS POLE - Open to beginners students
INTERMEDIATE POLE - Open to intermediate students
ADVANCED POLE - Open to advanced 1 & 2 students
ELITE POLE - Open to advanced 3 & elite students
DOUBLES POLE - Open to all levels


• Must be an enrolled Pole Divas student in an 8-week syllabus 'level' course in Term 2 & 3.
• The highest level you have completed or are enrolled in Term 2 is the level you should enter. E.g. If in Term 3 you are doing Advanced static and Int spin you would enter the Advanced category
• Have not previously won or placed in an amateur graded competition
• Have not previously competed in a semi-pro or professional graded competition.
• You cannot be a previous or current paid pole instructor

See National Competition Eligibility Standards here!

• Must be a enrolled Pole Divas student at the time of entry
• Same as for Solos but for your group.
Eg: An individual dancer in the group may have been competing professionally in solos competitions and that is fine. But if a duo have competed professionally as listed above then they are not eligible. Please email comps@poledivas.com.au for clarification.

Music tracks must be no longer than:
2.5 minutes for Beginners & Intermediate shows
3 minutes for Advanced, Elite and Doubles shows
Music must not contain excessively explicit language. If you are unsure please have approved by the organisers prior to use.
Music can be a mix of tracks
Will be at a first entered, first approved basis. If two competitors enter with the same music, whoever submitted their entry first will be able to use the track.

Shoes are optional
No nudity or partial nudity is permitted. No G-strings are permitted. Clothing may be removed during the performance if the minimum costume requirement is maintained. Points will be deducted on the night if you do not follow the costume requirements.
Only props able to be taken on/off stage in under 30 secs by 1 person are allowed. Due to safety & storage issues, all props larger than a chair must be pre-approved. No human props allowed!


Dry Hands or grip aids without chalk or rosin are permitted.
Banned Grips include: Rosin, iTac, or any grip that leaves residue on the pole after cleaning with alcohol.
Dry Hands is the only grip that will be applied directly to the poles. Other permitted grips (i.e. not from the banned list) may be applied to competitors body.
We will have Dry Hands for the poles, but other grips are the responsibility of the competitor.

• 2x 4m high rigged competition grade 44.45mm Stainless Steel Pussycat Poles.
• 2.9m between poles
• 3m from pole to truss each side
• 2.5m from poles to front of stage
• 3.3m from poles to back drop
• SOLOS – stage left pole spinning, stage right static (when on the stage looking out)
• DOUBLES – your choice of configuration


The winners of the beginners, intermediate and advanced competitions, and 1st, 2nd and 3rd from the Elite competition will win the coveted pink sashes and prizes from our sponsors. There will also be a best costume award.


• Video Submission Fee is $20 via PayPal
• Each entry form should only be for one category. Doubles entries are to be on the one form, simply entering both competitors names and the one link.
• Please allow enough time for your video to upload on either YouTube or Vimeo, check the quality of the video (make sure we can hear the music clearly) and whether those platforms have blocked your video from playing due to copyright issues.
• The entry should be a representation of the show that will be performed in the live competition including music choice.
• Videos must show a full routine, with no editing or merging of clips whatsoever.

Unleashed amateur competition was created to give Pole Divas students the opportunity to challenge themselves, unleash their inhibitions on stage, experience the buzz and thrill of performing and have fun! We feel strongly about maintaining this purpose, so we ask for all students to enter the competition with this in mind. As competitors we want you to maintain the spirit of community and understand how important it is to be kind and supportive to one another, and importantly yourselves. The judges’ decision is final and anyone found to be bringing the decision or the competition into disrepute may be deemed unable to compete in future events, as would unsportsmanlike bad behavior in the lead up to and on the night of the event.

For all enquires regarding music, props or general competition information please email comps@poledivas.com.au