Recovering After Class by Jess P

Food for Thought – Recovering After Class

Ever woken up from a heavy pole session and felt extra sore? It could be because you’re not recovery adequately afterwards. Along with stretching, foam rolling, and getting a massage or seeing your physio or osteo, food plays an import role helping your body to recover so that you can be in top form to keep poling at your best!

The goals of recovery nutrition include appropriately refuelling and rehydrating your body, and optimising your muscle repair and growth, meaning that you get the most out of your training. The amount you’re poling determines how much ‘extra’ recovery nutrition you require. For example, if you’re training a routine or doing multiple sessions in a day, an extra recovery snack afterwards will be helpful, but you may find that your regular eating pattern is enough to keep you well recovered if your sessions aren’t too intense (we’ve all had the class where we’ve spend more time on the ground trying to figure out what our instructor is trying to get us to do than up on the pole!).

So what does a recovery meal ideally look like? Whether it’s a snack or an actual meal, ideally it contains some carbohydrate (eg. brown rich or sweet potato) to replace your muscle stores (especially if you’ve had an intense dancing session!) and good quality protein (eg. chicken, eggs, protein powder) to help repair your muscles. Some ideas include protein shakes made with milk, yogurt with a banana, a chicken sandwich or rice crackers with a small can of tuna. And don’t forget plenty of water to drink to keep your hydration up! Ultimately the recovery food that is going to work best for you is individual to your tastes and what’s convenient for you to have (eg. can you bring a sandwich to have after class or do you get home fairly quickly and can have dinner).

Your body is best able to replenish your carbohydrates and using protein to repair your muscles in the first hour to hour and a half after training, so this is the optimal window to eat. But if you can’t, that’s ok! Your body will still be recovering for the next 24 hours, so keeping mindful to grab your recovery food as soon as possible will keep stave off muscle soreness and optimise your next training session.

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