Pole Divas Hampton

Pole Divas franchisor Kennetta Hutchens is thrilled to announce she will be opening up a boutique Pole Divas studio in Hampton. "It's always been a dream to open up a boutique studio in Bayside, where I have lived most of my life. It's a great community with beautiful surroundings. Perfect fit for a new Pole Divas studio".

Pole Divas Hampton will be located at 1C Service Street, Hampton, Victoria Australia 3188

We are so excited, currently our Hampton is under renovations to "diva-fy" the studio in time for it's grand opening for Term 5.

The new term at Pole Divas Hampton will commence Monday 28th August 2017 - start of Term 5. And GUESS WHAT our timetable is available online RIGHT NOW! Click here to view our timetable for Term 5!

For all Hampton enquiries please contact us on 0402 260 852 or follow Pole Divas Hampton on Facebook and our main Instagram page @poledivas for all updates!