Pole Dance - The Ultimate Workout

Pole Dance Fitness gives YOU the Ultimate Workout

An 8 week course will give YOU the ultimate fitness regime. Strengthen, stretch and tone your body in our structured pole dance courses! You will be surprised how quickly your body will start to change! Beginners can start their 8 week course at any time! Each class includes dance, strengthening and trick components. Start in one of our Beginners courses then progress through our levels.

- Coordination and Balance
Training controlled spins, turns and pivots on the pole will strengthen muscles all over our body especially your core. You will learn how to control your body around the pole, especially upside down, here you will gain the strength to balance yourself whilst wearing 6" or 7" heels.

- Biceps & Triceps
Pole dance tricks and combos require a simultaneous push/pull motion with both arms therefore you'll be toning your biceps AND your triceps at the same time. You biceps contract when you pull yourself up the pole, so they will be getting a great workout for the entire class. Your triceps will usually engage when you're pulling yourself downwards.

- Legs & Booty
Your glutes will be working hard in various tricks and combos, when the quads are tensing then your booty should be building up a sweat as well. During floor work your thighs will be burning in various dance chorey. During a class you will also be doing a lot of squats, body rolls and transitions requiring bent knees.

By lifting yourself into position on the pole, you will work all your back muscles; your rhomboids, latissimus and deltoids. This is especially true when you're upside down, extending one or more body part away from the pole. Many moves require you to lift your torso and your head, these movements will trigger your back muscles to strengthen up therefore toning your upper body.

- Flexibility
Without even releasing your flexibility will increase, especially if you are doing loads of floor work. Stretching becomes an after class ritual so your muscles can recover and relax, stretching goes hand in hand with pole dancing - therefore your flexibility will improve over time.

- Shoulders & Chest
Pulling yourself up the pole in a controlled motion is comparable to a chin up you would do at the gym, the motion of a chin up will work your deltoids, trapezius, upper arms and your rhomboids, amoug many other muscles. Any pole move in which you use your arms to press your body weight away from the pole will be stretching and toning the deltoid muscles in your shoulders, as well as pectorals in our chest.

- Abs & Core
Pretty much every move, trick and combo will work your abs and core, particularly your transverse abdominals. The very top section of your stomach aka the superior rectus abdominis, plays a huge part when you invert your body upside down. If you're using the right technique combined with a controlled movement of tricks and combos then your core will definitely be working up a sweat.

- Hips
Training your straight leg straddles will increase your hip flexor muscles including your quads. Any form of leg raising such as a straight leg straddles or straight leg shoulder mounts rely on a number of your muscles including your abdominals, biceps and triceps, quads, hip flexors and hamstrings. Increasing these muscles. especially around your hip, will make straight "anything" much easier.

- Mind
Most importantly pole dancing brings so many positive feels; confidence, happiness, belonging, self-achievement and long-life friendships! The first day, week or month of pole dancing is always the hardest but overtime you will grow to love every aspect. You're not only getting the most amazing, all over body workout but you're also feeling extremely good about yourself. Discovering what you thought your body couldn't do is the most incredible feeling ever - kicking those small goals each week. And you're not alone - uou're surrounded by so many other like-minded girls so the support is 'nek-lev'.

INTRO OFFER available - 5 casuals for $50 - that;s only $10 per casual class - usually $30 per class. It's a great savings and gives YOU a sample of what we are all about! Click your location below to book your Introductory Offer:

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