Next Term 3 Timetables Released

Time flies when you're literally flying...ZING! Haha we are so excited to bring you our NEW timetables for Term 3. Look out for your regular course classes, many more casuals and some new exciting additions to the the studio.

Don't forget about our Pole & Aerial Goals Package ~ $450 will get you 2x 8 week courses PLUS free practice time. For details information about our studios costs visit our PRICING page.

Term 3 is a massive one for Pole Divas. It's our UNLEASHED term. Unleashed is our in-house amateur competition, where our students get the opportunity to shine and showcase their talents on stage. If you want to enter Unleashed you will have to be an enrolled 8 week course student. For more information about Unleashed, click here!

Visit your local studio timetable below:

Are you a completely BRAND NEW student at the studio and don't know where to start? Well have no worries, the answer is simple > start with our INTRO OFFER. Before you sign up to an 8 week course try 5 of our casual classes for only $50. That's $10 per class. Usually a casual class will $30 each. Our INTRO OFFER is a great way to try our classes before you commit to an 8 week course. If you are visiting Aerial Divas you can also mix and match your INTRO OFFER with both pole and hoop casuals, why not try both?!

For further information please speak directly to our friendly Desk Divas - Contact Us today!