Hampton Open House

We are so thrilled to announce that we are opening our Hampton doors next week for Open House sessions. Pole dance students from far and wide are welcome to visit our gorgeous Bayside, boutique Hampton studio.
  • Come down and check out our pretty studio
  • Have a FREE level assessment so we can allocate you to a course
  • Meet our friendly instructors
  • No bookings required. Simply, show up!

Unsure about whether to book into Beginners or Intermediate course? Well we highly recommend you do a Level Assessment with one of our instructors during our Open House. There is no pressure, we basically want to see where you are at in your pole dance journey - that way you will be able to get the most out of your 8 week course. You may even be at a higher level! If you do decide to have a Level Assessment please allow enough time for yourself to warm up!

When: Tuesday 15th August: 6-8pm AND Thursday 9:30-11:30pm or 6-9pm

Term 5 will start Monday 28th August but the week before the start of term, we will be running some casual classes to give you a head start into your term. Every student who visits Pole Divas Hampton is eligible to purchase our INTRO OFFER (5 casual classes for only $50), so this is a great opportunity to start your introductory offer. See below casual classes available before the start of term:
> Monday 21st August ~ 6:30-7:30pm - Flex & Flow
> Tuesday 22nd August ~ 6-7pm - Core Power and 7-8pm - Pole Moves (Spin Pole)
> Wednesday 23rd August ~ 6:30-7:30pm - Pole Moves (Static Pole)
Read more about our casual classes here!

Term 5 will start Monday 28th August, 2017

If you would love more information about our Open House events, visit our Facebook page here, call us on 0402 260 852 or email hampton@poledivas.com.au