Challengers DOMINATE

or 30 days of October, starting on the 1st, 73 Divas student took on the ultimate challenge as Ninjas and Beasts of their studios. Ninja Divas had to complete 3 casual classes per week for 30 days and Beastmode Divas had to complete 4 casual classes a week - and boy, did they smash it out! We set up a Facebook group to give them our full support, providing them with information and Jess P feeding them her knowledge on all things nutrition. We encouraged our Challenge Divas to push them to their full potential and they were going hard - we did not allow them to give up - it was definitely not an option!

During the 30 days our Challengers were totally accountable for their actions - they had a progress chart at their local studio which fellow Divas could see how they were traveling and they were also encouraged to post their progress on the Facebook group or on their own personal socials. Look up the hash tag #divas30daychallenge on Instagram to see all their amazing hard work!

To remind our viewers at home, below is what our Challenge Divas signed up for:
• Ninja Diva – 3 casuals a week for 4 weeks = 12 classes
• Beastmode Diva – 4 casuals a week for 4 weeks = 16 classes
• A nourishment guide to help you fuel up and recover from your workouts! Written by our in-house dietitian Jess, this guide includes nutrition basics, pre- and post-class snack and meal ideas, plus strategies to help you tune into your body's needs. Focused on providing your body with the nourishment it needs to keep you poling/hooping strong, this pocket guide will be one of the tools in your arsenal for an amazing 30 day challenge!
• Inclusion in a Challenge FB group so you can support each other and make new friends from our different studios
• Support and training tips from instructors from all studios
• On-line Q&A sessions with Jess
• A Ninja Diva or Beastmode Diva tank top
• In studio attendance tracking
• A free class pass so you can bring a friend to one of your classes with you
• 10% off our studio shop throughout October
• Everyone who completes the challenge goes into the draw to win a $200 Diva voucher
• A certificate for those who successfully complete the challenge!
• Results! If you commit to the challenge and stick with it, you WILL gain positive results both physically and mentally. A sense of achievement is the best way to feel good about yourself and boost your confidence


We had Ninjas and Beasts sign up from all 6 of our studios so the support was endless. We watched them conquer each week like it ain't no thang, yes there were times of struggle but they pushed through, thinking about why they signed up initially! We couldn't be more of proud, they continuously smashed goals week by week and they were proud as well.

"Thank you for putting on the 30-day challenge Divas 💪🏻😍. My result is that I haven't felt this strong or good about myself in years and I've had more pole progress in the past four weeks than I've had in the past twelve months. A huge thanks to the instructors and all Divas involved for the support. 💕 #divaisafemaleversionofahustler" - Maddie Boyse, Moonee Ponds Ninja

"Last night of the 30 day challenge and i accomplished my first pole climb and have shave 2.5cms of my front splits!!"
- Mary Robinson, Caroline Springs Ninja

"End of the challenge today and I feel good to have found the way to take care not only of my body but of my mind ,because the strength comes from inside first, also I just wanna thanks all the instructors of pole divas for their support and their generosity sharing their skills and good vibes. Pole dancing make me feel proud of who I am..." - Michèle D'angelis, Prahran Ninja

"I didn't expect this much difference in just 4 weeks without any extra stretching at home...I'm not sure if you can tell from the photos, but I know from doing my splits that even though they might not be much flatter, they're definitely more square & my balance is better when I hold them." - Aisha, Moonee Ponds Ninja, pictured above (last image)

"Managed to touch the ceiling with my climb tonight - feeling so good!" - Angela Kastner, Moonee Ponds Ninja

See below the names of all our Challengers who completed their 30 Day Challenge like true Divas....they certainly dominated:

Erin Fitzgerald
Chloe Schibeci
Michele D'Angelis
Feluna Njovu                         
Erlinda Villarino
Nicole Wilcox
Stephanie Harrington
Rebecca Halperin
Jenna Gow
Ayshe Sevdan

Sophie Beirne
Clare Hyde
Angela Kastner
Kim Birchall          
Nadine Bartolo
Miena Iwasaki
Samantha Perry
Shantelle Dawe
Emma King
Reg Lam
Madeleine Boyse
Eva Kalita
Aisha Roper
Emily Edwards
Alena Bondarchuk
Heidi Leung,
Laura Makhoul
Giulietta Minichiello           

Lisa Tyson
Rochelle Beer
Emily Smeath
Lily Ho       
Madeleine Chaffee          
Kate Smith
kaila Webb
Racheal Okun
Katherine Barrett
Callisto Havercroft

Prue O’Hare
Danielle Shannon

Lizzie Templar       
Jesse Griffiths

Emma-Lea Thompson         
Simone Armstrong
Jodi Maxwell
Zoe Francis
Kate Lynch
Sian Bagnall
Bronte Odell
Haeley Roberts
Kate Stone
Imogen Nolan
Shae Cottrell
Hebe Diaz

Tamika Bird
Bonnie Hobbs
Haeley Roberts
Chantelle Axiaq
Emma Gadea
Mary Robinson
Cathy Vu
Michelle Lotz
Mary Kakanis
Elisa Cascone
Nikita West
Georgina Sidon
Han Bui
Carmen Vella
Maria Pham
Elle Tran
Teresa Jennifer The               
Jess Dumble

Emma McKiernan


Congratulations once again to our Challengers for completing their 30 days in October. There is no doubt we will be running another 30 Day Challenge in the future! Xx