Aerial Addiction

Introducing our NEW in-studio student competition called AERIAL ADDICTION. We want to give every student the opportunity to perform and 'get the feel' of what it's like to compete in a Lyra competition therefore we have created Aerial Addiction. Aerial Addiction will be held at both Aerial Divas studios: Mornington and Richmond and you will be judged by your very own Aerial Divas instructors. What better way to experience #complife than to experience the journey at your second home, where you feel most comfortable!!

The process is simple, you register YOU ARE IN! See below for more details...

BEGINNERS - Beginners & Inter 1 Students
INTERMEDIATE - Inter 2 & 3 Students
ADVANCED - A1 & A2 students
ELITE - A3 Students
OPEN DOUBLES - any level students

~ Richmond - Saturday 14th April, 2018
~ Mornington - Saturday 21st April, 2018

• This is an Amateur level competition therefore if you have placed at a National Competition you are no eligible. If you are unsure please speak with your studio
• Current Term 2, 8 week course students only at the location they want to compete in. Students can compete in more than one Ariel Addiction if they are in courses at both locations.
• If you have placed at Aerial Unleashed you are ineligible to compete in Aerial Addiction however you are eligible to compete in the next level up. E.g. if you won the Intermediate Division at Aerial Unleashed you can compete in the Advanced Division of Aerial Addiction.
• If you have placed at Aerial Unleashed as a solo you can enter the Doubles Division of Aerial Addiction
• Instructors (from any studio) are not eligible

• First place winner for each division
• Dare Devil - Best Trickster
• Drama Queen - Best Character Portrayal
• Show Pony - Best Overall Presentation


• All FIRST place winners will win 50% off any full price 8 week course at their local studio, valid for Term 3
• All other specialty award winners will win 1x workshop at their local studio, valid for Term 3
• All winners will receive prize packs which will include items generously donated by local businesses

Registration forms will be available from Monday 19th March, 2018 from your local studio. Studios will NOT accept forms before this date. Registrations will close Tuesday 3rd April, 2018.

• Beginners & Intermediate --> 2.5 minutes
• Advanced, Elite & Doubles --> 3 minutes

• Only 1 Lyra can be used for all Divisions
• Finalists will be announced on Thursday 5th April via your local studio Facebook page.
• Tickets will go on sale Monday 19th March, 2018. They will cost $15 and will be available at reception. There will be a limited amount of tickets so please speak with your Desk Divas securing a ticket.

For further information please speak with your lovely Desk Divas or email xx Happy Training!