Christmas Showcase 2017

We are SO excited for our annual Pole & Aerial Divas Christmas Showcase! This gives our students the chance to celebrate another amazing year at the studio!

Summer Sessions 2017/18

Are you anticipating Pole Divas withdrawals over the Summer break? Well have no fear, some of our studios are running Summer Sessions!

"Meal Construction: Simple Eats, Fast" by Jess P

There are just some days when dinner is the last thing on your to-do list and when the time to eat does come around, it’s easier to drop by your favorite take away shop (or just get UberEats to do it for you if you’re really not feeling it).

Pole Dance - The Ultimate Workout

Why start pole dancing? Well, we are here to tell you how pole dancing will help increase your fitness

Student Ambassador Search

We are looking for our new Student Ambassadors for 2018? Do you have what it takes? Find out more information here...

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