FRISK 2017

We are so excited to announce the date for FRISK - A Sexy Pole Dance Competition for 2017!

Pole Dance - The Ultimate Workout

Why start pole dancing? Well, we are here to tell you how pole dancing will help increase your fitness

30 Day Challenge

Are you ready to take the challenge to increase your fitness, strength, flexibility and improve your dance skills? This October Pole & Aerial Divas puts the challenge to you! This is your chance to take your training to the next level and make some amazing changes heading into summer.

You're invited to join our NEW TERM!

Our new term will start Monday 28th August but why wait?! You are missing out on all the fun, right now! :)

Recovering After Class by Jess P

Ever woken up from a heavy pole session and felt extra sore? It could be because you’re not recovery adequately afterwards. Along with stretching, foam rolling, and getting a massage or seeing your physio or osteo, food plays an import role helping your body to recover so that you can be in top form to keep poling at your best!

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