Pole Divas Hampton

Pole Divas franchisor Kennetta Hutchens is thrilled to announce she will be opening up a boutique Pole Divas studio in Hampton....

Unleashed 2017

Pole Divas are proud to present their annual student competition Unleashed for 2017! It's clobberin' time, bring it on Divas!

Upcoming Workshops

Compliment your Pole & Aerial Divas course with one of our specialised workshops!

Aerial Unleashed 2017

We are so excited to present Aerial Unleashed for 2018 - our in-house student amateur competition for our Aerial Divas students...

Food For Thought by Jess P - No Bones About It – Dairy and it’s Alternatives

Dairy foods can often get a bad rap, but they’re a delicious and nutritious addition to a well-balanced diet (provided you’re not allergic, of course!). Read more...

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