Aerial Divas Workshops

Floor Core & Hula Hoops

Get ready for a total ab workout! In the first half of the class you'll focus on Pilates style core exercises targeting the lower abs. Not only does deep abdominal strengthening help you achieve in pole and aerial hoop, it can also improve stabilization, ease lower back pain and has the added bonus of flattening tummies! In the second half of the class we keep the ab workout going with hula hoop fun! Concentrating on rotations around all different parts of the body and a whole range of manipulation tricks for all levels. Learn lots of different rolls and flourishes, and leave the class with an assortment of new skills and a stronger core! Open to all levels.

2hr workshop $50/$45 current students

Acro For Everyone

Acro for Everyone is for everyone, whether you are a Pole or an Aerial Diva...or both! Ever wanted to put some more exciting tricks into your floor work? This is the workshop for you! You'll learn awesome acro tricks that can be adapted for transitions between poles in a routine. Why would you walk when you can roll, turn, flip, cartwheel or walkover? You will not only learn some awesome floor work but also put in in a short routine at the end!

2hr workshop $45

INT/ADV Hoopsations

This workshop is aimed at Intermediate & Advanced level aerial hoop students who want a dance based class for fitness and endurance...and fun! This special workshop involves a full song choreographed routine with intermediate course tricks. Dance for 2 hours straight in this amazing workshop, which features a different routine each time!

2hr workshop $45

Lyrical Hoop

This workshop focuses heavily on musicality, fluidity and contemporary dance technique. Learn how to dance with intent as you work your way through a choreographed emotive routine designed especially to show expression and difference in smooth transitions and flowing movements. Use the hoop as part of your dance rather than the focal element.

2hr workshop $45

Stretch Intensive

Not for the faint-hearted, this is an intense, specialized stretch & conditioning session combining elements of stretch and flexibility. Loosen the hips, hamstrings and other muscle groups to enhance the overall range in flexibility. Work toward the splits and increasing your flexibility to improve extensions and lines in pole dancing & aerial hoop.

2hr workshop $45/$35 for Current Students

Hoop Intensives: Various Levels

These intense aerial hoop workshops are designed to help students improve on tricks in their current course and get ready for the next level. Your instructor will revise tricks from your level to help you nail them with confidence! Perfect for anyone who is struggling with a move or two and wants to move up, or students who are coming back to aerial hoop.

1.5hr workshop $40


Use this as your starting platform with Contortion. Split into two sections, the first half of the class involves deep partner stretching – helping you reach into positions you cannot get into by yourself. The second half is filled with learning contortion tricks such as chest stands, bridge variations, elbow and handstands and walkovers before finishing off with conditioning for back and abdominal strength. Prerequisites - Participants must be able to touch toes, almost be in flat splits (20cm from floor), be able to hold a back bridge.

2hr workshop $50/$45 current students