Aerial Divas Casual Classes & Privates


This is your introduction to aerial hoop in our introductory casual class. Hoopsations is perfect for beginners and covers basic strengthening and Pilates to help you achieve your hoop goals! You will learn 2 or 3 hoop skills in each class and put them together in combinations with a different routine each week. This is a great class to get you introduced to the aerial hoop and learn all the basics you need to become an Aerial Diva!

1hr class $30/$25 for current students (block discounts available)

Aerial Power

Aerial Power is the perfect complement to your Aerial Hoop course. This strength & conditioning class will assist you with lifts, spins and mounts essential to your Aerial Hoop course and will improve your core strength, stability and control. Includes a short dance routine, suitable for all levels.

1hr class $30/$25 for current students (block discounts available)

Straddle Power

This brand new casual class has been developed to help you develop the strength you need to get those legs up and over and nail that straddle! Straddles are amongst the hardest things we teach at Aerial Divas, and they can be a real sticking point for our course students. Straddle Power will teach you the tricks and techniques you need to master straddle mounts, spinning straddle mounts and more advanced straddles. This class is open to current course students only, but we recommend all Aerial Divas try it out.

1hr class $25 for current students (block discounts available)

Aerial Hoop Private Tuition

Master hoop tricks and technique in a private session with an experienced Aerial Divas Instructor. This is a great opportunity to work on routines, performances and to master tricks and sequences that will fast track your aerial hoop progression!

1 hr session $120 (up to 3 people)
SPECIAL OFFER 3 x 1hr sessions $300 Save $60!

Hoop Jam

This 1hr class is an open practice session for students of ALL levels! Use this time to practice tricks, technique, flexibility, strength or routine preparation under the supervision of one of our amazing Aerial Diva instructors. Whether you need a partner to stretch, a spot for one of your nemesis tricks or just a space to dance it out, this is the class for you!

1hr class $15 current students